Director, Bill Hampson founded the Epiphany Trust in 1991. Initially providing vital support after the Romanian orphanage crisis of 1990. Organising not only the transportation of aid, but encouraging more than a thousand people to see for themselves what can be achieved by ordinary people. Since 1991 he has overseen projects in Burma, helping to support Karen schools on the Thai – Burmese border; co-founding Child Action Lanka to establish a Street Kids Centre in Kandy, a pre school for the children of tea pickers in the Hill country and financing a school for children with profound disabilities.

Back in the 1980’s he worked tirelessly in the pro life and human rights field helping to free many dissidents in the then Communist regime. This he has continued to the present day, helping young children to be released from a life of bonded labour in India. Currently he is spearheading awareness of child trafficking.
In Lahore, Pakistan he has seen first hand the best and worst effects that a developing economy has on disabled young people. Establishing lasting relationships and financial support to a school for children with learning difficulties.

Romania remains a focus of his work. Refurbishing part of an orphanage throughout the 1990’s; providing training for the demoralised and overworked staff. In 1991 he set up a ‘Camp Romania’ programme, enabling more than 500 young people to undertake a programme of activities with the youngsters from the orphanage, which continues to be a success to this day.
In 2005 he established a house – The Arc for four former orphans, too old to remain in the orphanage and facing a very fragile future. This is a safe and stable home providing the young adults with confidence and vital skills. The project is overseen by a Romanian Manager and supported by UK volunteers.
2015 will see the opening of a purpose built house in Stiuca, Timis district, Romania to continue this very successful work.

Bill has been quietly inspirational in establishing one of only a few local international charities, changing social attitudes to the disabled and disadvantaged both within the project countries and within the UK.
He is a director of Chrysalis –, a social enterprise, running themed and educational holidays for adults with a learning disability in the UK. A former founder member of the Jubilee Campaign. He was made a Freeman of Wigan in 2000 for his work, particularly in Eastern Europe. Bill was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant for Lancashire in 2005.
Bill’s background is in surveying in which role he has worked in Europe and the Middle East. Bill is President of Lowton Independent Methodist Church. Bill is married to Pam, they have three children and two grandchildren.