Mu Tu' WowMu Th’ Wow school is situated beside the Mu Th’ Wow river. As with Htee Kay, the school has had a turbulent history having opened in 1995 but closing two years later when the Burmese Army (SPDC) forcibly moved the villagers. After three years, and repeated attempts to return, they were allowed back in 2000. The school was quickly reopened even though, until the ceasefire in 2012, there was frequent fighting in the area.

The school is not easy to get to, being deep inside Burma. Getting to it involves going past static army bases. All resources supplied by Epiphany need to be carried by foot to the school, which takes time, people and funding itself.

Because of the location of the school it uses both Karen and Burmese curriculum. This enables the students to access Burmese education at middle school when they finish Year 4.

The school committee works with the Karen Education Department and the Township Education Officer to ensure that the school runs smoothly. As with all KED supported schools, there is a programme of teacher training and development, with the KED organising training sessions during the summer holidays.

Most of the parents are farmers for a living. Many are illiterate. However, they have a strong desire for their children to be educated and have a hope for a different future. To enable this they do all they can to work for their children’s development.