Welcome to the Epiphany Trust

Emergency aid was just the start... This is the story of how lasting concern and long-term commitment have bound whole communities together.

The Epiphany Trust grew out of the Romanian orphanage crisis of 1990, and as the need for emergency aid to Romania diminished, it was replaced by more long-term help with building, equipment and training facilities for teachers, medical workers and others.

Over recent years further projects have been undertaken in Sri Lanka, Burma, India, Pakistan, and Romania that have changed the lives of thousands of disabled and disadvantaged children.

Writing in Early Shadows, Epiphany Director Bill Hampson puts his finger on the Charity's unique power for change. Speaking of past and ongoing projects he says, "I have been struck again and again by one key factor. Whether the setting was a children's ward in Tirana, a government ministers office in the Kremlin, or a community setting in Romania, it is a personal encounter - one person to another - which does so much to transform a situation. Social justice work built on strong relationships, on friendships, grows and develops and brings people together."

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The Epiphany Trust Ethos...

The Epiphany Trust is a legally constituted charity dedicated to helping others, regardless of race, creed or culture. We support those in need by aid and by education and we also encourage groups and individuals wishing to initiate or continue their own projects. Where appropriate, we work with local partner organisations, with the long-term aim of establishing self-sufficiency.

The Trust seeks in particular, though not exclusively, to serve the needs of disabled or disadvantaged children and young people, by means of material aid and by assisting the adults who serve them. It also encourages and works alongside political and educational organisations working for the good of others.